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General Brands > iPhone 4/S > Dock / Neck Strap for iPod / iPhone (White)

Dock / Neck Strap for iPod / iPhone (White)
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Dock / Neck Strap for iPod / iPhone (White)

Dock / Neck Strap for iPod / iPhone

Simple and Easy to Use: This Strap for iPod/iPhone is a neck strap that you can wear iPod/iPhone like a pendant. This strap is ideal for all iPod/iPhone users who wish to keep simple outline of iPod/iPhone without a case, or with a case that has no holes for neck strap. With this Strap, you do not have to give up using strap or a case with strap holes. This strap allows you to keep your iPod/iPhone at reachable distant for a quick access. It is very easy to use. Simply insert dock connector on strap into your iPod/iPhone. Double-ring on the back of neck is available for preferred cable length. As the dock connector can freely rotate at the base, the strap is tangle-free, safe, and comfortable to wear. Dock connector has common specification and this Strap can be used for all iPod/iPhone. Made of Skin-friendly 100% Silicone Material. A non allergenic silicone is used on strap portion as it is a human-friendly material. As the strap can directly touch your skin, the material should be carefully selected to avoid allergic reaction or rash. Silicone is known as one of a few materials that does not cause allergy and is often used for iPod/iPhone case. Moreover, because of its flexibility and the strength, it softly absorbs shocks added to Dock connectors and straps. And unlike ordinary silicone case, this Strap for iPod/iPhone is free of dust accumulation with smooth touch anti-dust coating. Strap Design with Safety in Mind. The material should be carefully selected as this Strap is worn around the neck. The connecting part works as a load limiter in emergency situation when excessive force is put on the strap. Please make sure that dock is completely inserted in order to avoid malfunction on dock adapter and not to drop your iPod/iPhone. To remove, press buttons on the sides and pull out. Dock adapter may be damaged if it is forcibly removed. Compatible with:All iPod/iPhone models that feature dock connector

- Neck strap that you can hang iPod/iPhone utilizing the dock connector
- For all iPod/iPhone models that feature dock connector
- Soft and flexible silicone material that is gentle on skin and easy to handle
- Smooth touch anti-dust coating that prevents dust accumulation
- Adjustable strap length and available inl five colors

- Black
- White

Compatible with:
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone
- iPod touch 4G
- iPod touch 3G
- iPod touch 2G
- iPod touch 1G
- iPod nano 6G
- iPod nano 5G
- iPod nano 4G
- iPod nano 3G
- iPod nano 2G
- iPod nano 1G
- iPod classic
- iPod 5G
- iPod 4G

Package Contents:
- Dock / Neck Strap for iPod / iPhone x 1

- Box

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  • Brand: General Brands
  • Color: White
  • Device: iPhone 4/S
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