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Spigen > Galaxy S3 > Incredible Shield for Galaxy S3 (Transparency)

Incredible Shield for Galaxy S3 (Transparency)
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Incredible Shield for Galaxy S3 (Transparency)

Transparency Soft Skin Shield

INCREDIBLE SHIELD™ is a clear, thermoplastic urethane film. It's an extremely thin film with an incredible force of restitution. It offers a highest level of abrasion and yellowing resistance, protection the body effectively. It has an aggressive and removable adhesive system. This adhesive system is designed to remove without leaving any residue on device.


- The highest Level of abrasion resistance - Extreme Scratch Proof
- Extremely thin film : Thickness less than 160 micron
- Size to specifically fit your device
- Ability to resist yellowing

  • Price: 8.500 KD 3.000
  • Product ID: 2828
  • Brand: Spigen
  • Device: Galaxy S3
  • Shipping: Kuwait and GCC (1 to 4 working days)
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