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Spigen > Galaxy S3 > Curved Crystal for Galaxy S3

Curved Crystal for Galaxy S3
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Curved Crystal for Galaxy S3

Steinheil™ Curved Crystal Screen Protector

Steinheil™ Curved Crystal is a revolutionary new screen protector that was designed specifically for the Galaxy S3. The curved screen of the Galaxy S3 is beautiful, but also makes protecting the screen an obstacle. Standard screen protectors can't cover the whole screen and as a result have to be cut shorter all around. Our revolutionary Steinheil Curved Crystal is a new screen protector we've created to provide the best protection for the Galaxy S3. The screen protector itself is curved to precisely fit the curve of the Galaxy S3. This curavature allows the Curved Crystal to adhere to the entire screen from edge to edge. No lifting, no bubbling. There is no full display screen protector like the Steinheil Curved Crystal.


- Full display coverage with no lifting or bubbling
- Easy to install / Remove
- Non-tacky adhesive : Removed easily without leaving residue
- Premium Silicon Adhesive : Bubble Free Application
- Marks and Fingerprints wipe away easily.
- Anti-UV Rays coated
- Hard coated for Scratches and Scuffs Proof
- No Interference with Touch-Screen Responsiveness
- Base Film Made in Japan
- Finished in Korea

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