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OtterBox > Galaxy S3 > OtterBox Screen Protector for Galasy S3 (360)

OtterBox Screen Protector for Galasy S3 (360)
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OtterBox Screen Protector for Galasy S3 (360)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one incredible device. And, yeah, we sell cases, but we understand that some people don’t want to cover up something so cool. And since we’re in the business of protection we’re excited to offer a clear option. The Clearly Protected 360° Samsung Galaxy S3 screen protector completely covers the device without hiding its beauty. This glossy, high-strength, self-healing material protects the touch screen, sides and back of your best electronic friend from scratches and impact. Protect your device with the Samsung Galaxy S3 scratch proof screen protector and enjoy your device in its natural state without worry about damage from life’s unexpected mishaps.


- All features and functions are completely usable through screen protector
- 100% dry application
- Anti-air bubble technology
- Designed for stand-alone use without a case
- Limited lifetime warranty

- High-strength polyurethane protects all four sides of device
- Glossy finish
- Scratch-resistant
- Self-healing

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  • Product ID: 3626
  • Brand: OtterBox
  • Device: Galaxy S3
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