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White Diamonds > Galaxy S3 > Liquids for Galaxy SIII (Mango)

Liquids for Galaxy SIII (Mango)
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Liquids for Galaxy SIII (Mango)


Liquids are a metaphor for life. Everything flows, moves and mingles. Without the element water there is no life. At the same time it is both a play on the river, of the dynamic of our time. The crystals overlie the screen in tidy channels. The liquids representation lets the design and the object merge together, they become one element.


- Handcrafted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
- Designed for Galaxy SIII
- Made of high quality PET
- Scratch resistant and dirt repellent
- Free access to connector, microphone and camera
- Comes with screen protector

  • Price: 10.000 KD 5.000
  • Product ID: 3721
  • Brand: White Diamonds
  • Color: Yellow
  • Device: Galaxy S3
  • Shipping: Kuwait and GCC (1 to 4 working days)
  • Availability: In-Stock
  • Quantity: