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White Diamonds > Galaxy S3 > Nafrotiti for Galaxy SIII (White)

Nafrotiti for Galaxy SIII (White)
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Nafrotiti for Galaxy SIII (White)


The story behind Nafrotiti
I have taken the inspiration for this piece from the ancient Egyptian princess Nefertiti whose limestone sculpture is one of the most popular and admired attractions of Berlin’s Egyptian Museum. Even today, she is regarded as one of the most recognizable faces of ancient Africa. For me, she is the embodiment of exceptional beauty.

The word Nefertiti means
The beautiful woman has come. For me, she is the embodiement of exceptional beauty. My goal was to recreate this antique, iconic image and transfer it into today's world. For that I've added a touch of future and brilliance. During this I had the idea to design a crown with futuristic appearing elemets. I'm convinced that a crown with crystals looks high-grade and gets well with the princess.


- Handcrafted with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
- Designed for Galaxy SIII
- Made of high quality PET
- Scratch resistant and dirt repellent
- Free access to connector, microphone and camera
- Comes with screen protector

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  • Brand: White Diamonds
  • Color: White
  • Device: Galaxy S3
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