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JOY factory > iPhone SE > aXtion Go for iPhone 5/5S (Fuchsia Pink)

aXtion Go for iPhone 5/5S (Fuchsia Pink)
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aXtion Go for iPhone 5/5S (Fuchsia Pink)

Use the aXtion Go On the Run, In the Rain, In the Kitchen, At the Beach...

The aXtion Go for iPhone 5/5s is the most unique case to be released in years. Bridging the thin, stylish contour of a fashion case and the full-orbed protection of a waterproof/rugged case, the aXtion Go is the one case you’ll need for everyday protection wherever you may go.

AccuTouch Technology
AccouTouch technology allows you to enjoy the new touch ID fingerprint sensor without loosing complete ultra-rugged waterproof protection.

Drips. Spills. Splashes... No Problem
The aXtion Go is waterproof-rated IP65. That means it can handle
spilled coffee, rain, messy fingers, or a brief drop in the
water and keep your phone safe and sound.

Unbelievable Drop Protection
The thin profile of the aXtion adds only 0.17” (4.4mm) to the iPhone, yet packs in both our proprietary Sandwich™ Quad-Layer Protection featuring our Diamond Air Cushion™ technology for the highest level of shock protection in a case so small.

Picture-taking Perfection
Enjoy crystal-clear photos with the aXtion Go’s Sharpvue™ Ultra-Clear Anti-Scratch camera lens. The extra-large camera cutout reduces light leak from the nearby flash, while also accomodating the iPhone 5s' larger TrueTone flash. And the Volume+ button is raised to allow your finger to find it quickly--so you never miss the perfect shot.

The Best Built-in Screen Protector
The aXtion Go comes equipped with a built-in SureGuard™ screen protector. This thin marvel provides heavy-duty protection for your screen with a cover so fluid and responsive, you’ll swear there’s nothing there.

Amazing Sound Quality
The iPhone 5/5s is, after all, a phone—so don’t settle for a bulky case that muffles your voice or tones down your favorite tunes. Intelli-filter™ membranes cover the iPhone’s front and rear microphones as well as the bottom speaker for complete protection and clear phone calls. Add in the SmartVoice™ design, and you have a case with optimum acoustic quality.


- Intelli-filter™ membranes block water, not sound, for clear calls & music.
- Hand Strap—Connect the aXtion Go to the included Hand Strap for ultimate convenience.
- AccuTouch Indented Home Button Cover is compatible with Touch ID.
- Raised Volume+ Button for easy picture taking.
- SureGuard™ Built-in Screen Protector provides heavy-duty protection, the most fluid touch experience, and SmartVoice™ Technology for impressive call clarity.
- Extra-large camera cutout reduces light leak from the nearby flash.
- Sharpvue™ Ultra-clear, Anti-Scratch Lens provides the ultimate in picture clarity.
- The tiny rear microphone is equipped with its own Intelli-filter™ membrane so the iPhone’s built-in noise cancellation is unhindered.
- Expanded cutout for True Tone Flash.
- Our proprietary Diamond Air Cushion™ technology protects your phone with lightweight, shock-absorbent bubbles.

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  • Brand: JOY factory
  • Color: Pink
  • Device: iPhone SE
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