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JOY factory > iPad Air > Illustrate iPad Stand

Illustrate iPad Stand
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Illustrate iPad Stand

Height-Adjustable Stand with Overhead Projecting and Annotating App

If a picture is worth a thousand words…how about live video and words! Illustrate is the ultimate solution for presenting and annotating live video in the classroom or lecture hall using an iPad or iPad mini. The Illustrate iPad stand and the free Illustrate app combine to make demonstrating your important ideas easier than ever.

Capture live video and display it on a TV, projector, or interactive whiteboard using your Apple TV or a wired connection. In addition to live video, the Illustrate App can also broadcast still images and provides an in-app whiteboard or blackboard.

Draw diagrams and even type labels onto the live feed to clearly communicate your important ideas.

Easily capture still images of your annotations from within the app. These images can be shared with students afterwards or conveniently used for future handouts.

  • Price: KD 52.000
  • Product ID: 4909
  • Brand: JOY factory
  • Device: iPad Air
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