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Tech21 > HTC One M9 > Impact Shield with Self Heal for HTC One M9

Impact Shield with Self Heal for HTC One M9
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Impact Shield with Self Heal for HTC One M9

BulletShield™ Featuring BASF protection

The Tech21 Impactology Impact Shield for HTC One M9 is the most advanced screen protector available for your device. Easy to apply, bubble free in seconds, with self healing anti scratch, and advanced impact protection delivered by a multi layer system, with BulletShield™ featuring a BASF protection interlayer; also used in bullet proof glass. The Impact Shield has been designed to be optically perfect and thin for optimum touch sensitivity, giving you the peace of mind that your device isprotected - you won’t even remember its there!

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- Multi Layer Structure with BulletShield™ Featuring BASF protection
- Interlayer also used in bullet proof glass
- Up to 80% Impact Absorption

- Easy application: OneTouch bubble free application in seconds
- Self-healing anti scratch: Protection against keys and scratches
- Perfect optical clarity: You won’t know its there!

- No cure time
- No residue on screen (no glue used)
- Non yellowing with UV protection
- Long life with excellent tear strength

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