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General Brands > TRIX Universal 5V/4.2A UK Plug (Red)

TRIX Universal 5V/4.2A UK Plug (Red)
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TRIX Universal 5V/4.2A UK Plug (Red)

Amazingly Small

Size matters! As TRIX is only palmed sized, it can easily be taken along whilst travelling. We have worked through many prototype phases, to finally come up with a product size of 110mm x 110mm x 45mm.

Sharing Everywhere

We designed TRIX for people to achieve sharing with ease. The defined 5 ports including 3 AC outlets and 2 smart USB powered ports at each corner differs from any other plug, providing a wide range of power distribution.
We didn’t stop there, ever wondered how a powerstip could be fun and creative? We have also made one of the ends magnetic. You can now station TRIX in more impossibly fun ways. How about on a metal desk leg or on a partition wall? With its exclusive feature the choices are limitless.

On the Road

The traveler understands that time is money, so we have crammed a lot of exciting new technologies in the charger including the USB fast charging feature. This allows TRIX to save up to 75% charging time, and that is quite literally amazing!
Now, we believe it’s about setting everything in order, just like at home. While travelling with multiple electronics, bring TRIX along to show your style.
TRIX comes in three colors, four different regional types. Get your exclusive reward with the combination you like. We will send out a survey to collect your selections at the end of campaign.

Technical details

In addition to adding a number of power outlets, TRIX also provides two USB charging ports for your portable electronics. What's more, with the strong embedded magnet, now you can stick TRIX on numerous metallic objects. This not only saves space, it’s also an easy way to access your power needs.
TRIX is a friend of all devices, almost any device and home appliance can be connected.

Smart USB Charging

TRIX has an intelligent device identity chip for charging management built in. This feature can dynamically distribute current, and can manage overheating as well as other maintaining other electrical protections.
Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 fast charge technology. TRIX now has one USB port which is able to provide maximum power to your devices with fast charging technology.

Plug and Socket

To tailor your needs, TRIX now is available in 4 different regional types.
Type A and type B are the most common in North and Central America, Japan and Taiwan ; Type F is used in Europe, Africa and some other countries; Type G works in UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Middle Eastern countries, and type I in Australia, China, New Zealand and a host of other countries.

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