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QYG > iPhone 4/S > Micro SIM Adapter (White)

Micro SIM Adapter (White)
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Micro SIM Adapter (White)

Micro SIM Adapter (3FF SIM TO regular SIM)

يمكن استخدام هذا المحول لاستخدام شريحة Micro SIM في أجهزة الهواتف النقالة التي تعمل على الشريحة العادي.

مع العلم انه بإمكانكم اعادة استخدام الشريحة إلى Micro SIM في أي وقت، فقط قم بإزالة المحول عن الشريحة.

Micro SIM Adapter enables you to use a Micro SIM or 3FF SIM card in a slot that's designed for a regular SIM card, With the adapter, you can use the same Micro SIM card in different devices, Includes a sticker template that shows the size of a Micro SIM vs. the size of a regular SIM card.

Micro SIM, also known as a 3FF SIM or mini-UICC SIM, is used in the iPhone 4, iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G) and some built-in laptop modems. Should there be a need to use such Micro SIM in another cell phone, this adapter enables you to do that. For those who have cut a regular SIM card to the Micro SIM size, this adapter also enables you to use the cut SIM in a regular SIM card slot / tray.

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  • Brand: QYG
  • Color: White
  • Device: iPhone 4/S
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