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ION > iPhone 4/S > Zero iridium for iPhone 4/4S (violet)

Zero iridium for iPhone 4/4S (violet)
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Zero iridium for iPhone 4/4S (violet)

Extraordinary Metallic Cover for iPhone 4

Extraordinary Metallic Cover ION invents the world's first hard coating iridium cover for iPhone 4, offers significant improvement over all common anodized cases. The ZERO incredibly features no signal blocking. A new era on iPhone 4 experience, say goodbye to dropped calls and poor receptions.


* snap-to-fit hard grip cover
* new formula elastic polycarbonate plastic
* anti-scratching top coating
* ultra-slim protection without adding bulk

Package Contains:

* moiré-free, anti-glare screen protector included

  • Price: 9.500 KD 5.000
  • Product ID: 847
  • Brand: ION
  • Device: iPhone 4/S
  • Material Type: Polycarbon
  • Shipping: Kuwait and GCC (1 to 4 working days)
  • Availability: In-Stock
  • Quantity: