Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition for iPhone 11 Pro (Quartz)

KD8.000    KD16.000
حالة التوفر:   متوفر
الموديل: RC21-0145TQ06-R3M1
العلامة التجارية: Razer

Thermaphene Performance Layer
A thermally-conductive linin.... عرض المزيد

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Thermaphene Performance Layer
A thermally-conductive lining redirects trapped heat—keeping your phone cooler for longer.

Vented Channels
Perforations along the Razer Arctech Slim aid in the cooling process.

Wireless Charging Compatible
Designed to work seamlessly with Qi-certified chargers.

Network-Performance Optimized
The Razer Arctech Slim does not impact your iPhone’s network connectivity, ensuring smooth gameplay and video buffering wherever you are.

Intuitive Button and Port Access
Catered to complement the iPhone’s buttons and external ports.

Thin, Ergonomic Design
Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and slide smoothly in and out of your pocket.

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