Devia Leather Case with Pencil Slot for iPad Pro3 11" (Black)

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Stylish slim design

The Smart Folio Leather-Style Case for the iPad Pro 11 features a fashionable leather style front cover, for a sleek and premium look, whilst providing great protection for your new iPad Pro 11, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Complete all round protection

The Smart Folio Leather-Style Case gives complete all round protection for your iPad Pro 11 and provides resistant to scratches and knocks. Additionally, the front cover ensures that your iPad Pro 11’s stunning display is safe from damage and kept in pristine condition.

Sleep/wake functionality

To conserve your iPad Pro 11’s battery, the Smart Folio Leather-Style Case features sleep wake/functionality. Simply open the front cover and the iPad Pro 11 magically wakes up. Close it and iPad Pro 11 automatically goes to sleep, no need to press any buttons. This case doesn’t just protect iPad Pro 11, it keeps it ready to go whenever you are.

Built in stand feature for a comfortable typing / viewing position

Multi angle 30 degrees, 65 degrees. The stand feature enables you to conveniently fold your iPad Pro 11 in a comfortable typing or viewing position, perfect for using the on-screen keyboard whilst browsing the web or watching films with friends and family.

Pen stylus holder

It comes with built-in pen slot for holding the pen.

Other Features

  • 360-degree full protectionEasy to carry, Use Conveniently
  • Exactly designed for Apple pencil, portable and compact. The pencil can be stood vertically with the special two round slots, placing your pencil more conveniently.Moderate Softness
  • Full Protect Your Devices.Imported TPU for back cover, with specific resilience, It comes with cushion reduction to avoid the impact of hitting. Moderate softness, with durable resilience, never scrape your phone when removing the case.With Vent-holes for Heat Dissipation
  • Many vent-holes were embedded in back cover, which benefits for inner air circulation, attains the automatic heat dissipation.
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