Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition Key Finder (Ocean Blue)

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Thanks to the special edition of Chipolo, you can now help to clean the water in oceans. The chips from the Ocean Edition are made of plastic recycled from fishing nets. By purchasing Chipolo, you donate an additional 1$ to the non-profit organization Oceanic Global to support their efforts to clean the oceans.

The premium chip and the European origin of Chipolo are a guarantee of its reliability and accuracy. Several clever features turn an ordinary keychain into a keychain that can't be lost, and your phone will play the role of Sherlock Holmes ...

• FIND the marked items
• RING a paired item via an app or phone by double clicking the Chipolo
• GET AN ALERT that you are leaving without your keys, wallet or other essentials
• LOCATE the marked item before it is lost

Help remove plastic waste from the oceans

The ocean takes good care of us. Let's repay its kindness! Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition is the world's only locator made from recycled fishing nets that has literally a key solution for removing the plastic from the sea.

Every second, a truck full of plastic enters the ocean. At this rate, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish in 30 years. Discarded fishing equipment makes up most of the plastic pollution that threatens our climate, ecosystems and marine life.

Contribute twice

Discarded fishing nets, trawls and ropes are hauled out of places close to the shore. The collected fishing equipment is recycled and transformed into plastic pellets, which are then shaped into Chipolo.

In addition to participating in recycling, by purchasing Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition, you are donating 1$ to the non-profit organization Oceanic Global to support their efforts to clean the oceans.

How does Chipolo work?

It is a small pendant with a replaceable battery and an eyelet. You can easily attach it not only to the keys, but also a purse, bag or backpack. After pairing with the Chipolo application, which is also in Czech, it is an indispensable tool for finding things. If you can't remember where you put the marked item, just ring it from your smartphone with a 120 dB sound.

How to find your lost phone?

The elaborative application also thinks about the difficulties when your phone falls behind an object You can also use the finder to ring the mobile phone on which you have the Chipolo application installed. Just double-click on the paired finder and the phone will answer from its hiding place.

Community search

You are not alone in finding your lost property. Other Chipolo users will help you find the marked item thanks to an anonymous lost and found network. How to do it?

  • In the application, simply mark the item as lost to send an anonymous signal to other users
  • Other users' phones within the range of your lost item will detect Chipolo’s new location
  • You will then receive an anonymous notification with the new location of your Chipolo on your phone and email
  • You can also send a message to the lock screen with a contact for the finder from any browser
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