Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch (Sense)

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    Fitbit Sense is the advanced health smartwatch that helps you tune in to your body with tools for stress management, heart health, SpO2, skin temperature & more. Includes a 6-month free Premium trial for new Premium users.

    Stress Management

    With the EDA Scan application, the Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch measures electrodermal activity to provide insight about how your body reacts to certain stress levels. Use the stress management tools to effectively control your mood in a holistic approach.

    Heart Health

    Great to have around during intensive activities, the Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch provides in-the-moment alerts when your heart rate is not within your personalised range. The watch’s heart rate monitoring feature works 24/7 to keep you informed whenever, wherever.

    Track Trends

    The Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch monitors temperature trends over time, so you’ll know if your skin temperature exceeds or falls behind the baseline range. Get better understanding regarding the pattern trends and identify changes early on.

    Sleek Design

    Crafted from premium materials, the Fitbit Sense is as sleek as it is smart. Level up your look with the watch’s stainless steel ring, crisp display interface, satin fish, and the new and improved infinity band.

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