Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth 44mm (Green)

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    Design - This Rotating Bezel Turns More than Heads

    Some looks are timeless, like the Galaxy Watch4 Classic’s rotating bezel and vivid screen. The refined design brings sophistication to your wrist and its high-end stainless steel materials express its powerful and intuitive functionality.

    Band - Strap in and Start Moving

    Stay comfortable all day long with the Ridge Sports Band. Its fluoroelastomer material keeps the band durable and sweat-resistant while maintaining a firm fit on your wrist to suit your active lifestyle.

     Watch Face - A New Day. A New Watch Face

    Choose between analog or digital watch faces with a variety of backgrounds, fonts, and colors to match your tastes, the weather, or occasion. 

    Body Composition - Don’t Just Listen to Your Body. Know It

    Track your fitness progress with our first smartwatch that conveniently measures body composition. Get to know your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water and more to achieve your goals. 

    Get complimentary Smart Tag+ and 1 year SC+ with every purchase

    Measure body composition with the Powerful Samsung BioActive Sensor

    Track your workouts on your wrist

    Sleek, Seamless and Iconic Design

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