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pipetto > iPad mini 4 > iPad Mini 4 Luxe Origami Case (Red)

iPad Mini 4 Luxe Origami Case (Red)
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iPad Mini 4 Luxe Origami Case (Red)

Our Red Origami Luxe Case offers the best fully protective iPad Smart Cover for iPad Mini 4.

This multi-foldable "Origami" style smart cover is handcrafted from our own soft vegan lambskin, signature luxury suedette lining and a protective snap-in soft-touch polycarbonate shell.

Gently snap in your iPad Mini 4 into our soft-touch shell for 4 different viewing angles ideal for FaceTime, Movie watching or Skype calls. The case has all the functionality of a smart cover -- including typing and viewing positions -- but with added protection on the back and 2 additional stand positions. The 2 wide base positions are a feature that we love, as they’re perfect for viewing movies on uneven or soft surfaces (i.e. in bed or on the sofa) when you're relaxing.

The sleep/wake feature in this case puts your iPad onto sleep mode & extends your battery life by up to 20%.


- Designed to fit new iPad Mini 4
- Soft Vegan Lambskin
- Luxury Suedette Lining.
- Slim Soft-Touch Shell.
- 4 Different Viewing Angles.
- Auto Sleep/Wake Function

  • Price: KD 15.500
  • Product ID: 5864
  • Brand: pipetto
  • Color: Red
  • Device: iPad mini 4
  • Material Type: Leather
  • Shipping: Kuwait and GCC (1 to 4 working days)
  • Availability: In-Stock
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