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Abdulkader Al-Mulla:Hands up, Cavaraty is the best company in kuwait and the GCC to fulfill any mobile related accessories demands. You guys rock! Keep up the good work :D
Date: 2016-02-01

Noura Alnafisi:The number one website has eveything we need for telephones..and payment options is very convenient.. Fast delivery
Date: 2016-01-31

RASHED ALKHATERI:السلام عليكم حبيت أشيد بسهولة الموقع والتنوع الموجود فيه وسرعة الإختيار وإنجاز المعاملات بشكل سلس وسرعة التوصيل
Date: 2016-01-24

Fatimah AlWahibi:خدمتكم ممتازة من جميع النواحي شكراً لكم
Date: 2016-01-16

نايف الدوسري:السلام عليكم تم استلام الطلبيه والموظفين قمه في الروعه والاخلاق اتصلت لتغيير الطلبيه وخبرتني الموظفه بارجاع الطلب وتغييره في نفس الوقت لكن لاني في البحرين فيبيلي وقت لين احصل احد بيروح الكويت عشان يبدل الطلبيه ،،، عموماً التجربه ممتازه معاكم
Date: 2016-01-12

حسناء سالم ابوبكر:الخدمة فوق الممتازة تم التوصيل الطلب في وقت محدد بضبط ، و الجودة جدا جدا عاليه ايضا الرد كان سريع عن طريق الايميل وايضاً الانستقرام ، انشاءالله لنا عودك لكم مره اخرى ، شكرًا💙
Date: 2015-12-30

Dalal alw:The price is a little over rated but i liked your product.
Date: 2015-12-22

Allen:Good products and prompt service. Keep it up!
Date: 2015-11-29

Abdallah al Hasawi:Im really amazed with the after sales quality you have. I had a great experience with my order and i have ordered from all the other websites that provide the same kinds of products that you have. Having and confirmation email as well as having an updated status email is really beneficial. Thank you Cavaraty, delighted with your service
Date: 2015-11-12

Amjad Lal Mohd:Dear Cavarty, Thank u, I recieved my package with no visible or mechanical defects n i appreciate ur service n am really happy n satisfied I wish u further success n just wish if u had more products in ur line of sale such as the same product I purchased Ultra'Fo Duo 6000 mahp powerstation which I would like to purchase again from u but in 8000 or more capacity. Thank u, Satisfied customer, Amjad Lal Mohd.
Date: 2015-08-22

Muneera:Good and quick service
Date: 2015-08-05

Ali Al Qattan:I really loved how fast the delivery and the customer care . good happy selling :)
Date: 2015-08-04

Hala Alkandiry:I simply love to buy from cavaraty 10 out of 10
Date: 2015-06-13

layla kabbara:Thank you very much i recommend your website to every one.
Date: 2015-03-31

Abdullah al shatti:high quality products, fast delivery, very nice service. Invoice#:90364
Date: 2015-03-07

shahad alrayes:Thumbs up (Y)
Date: 2014-10-26

Abdulaziz Alsulaiti:Perfect service and super fast delivery
Date: 2014-10-09

Ebraheem Alomar:great cover,very durable,love it. But I was impressed with the service that cavaraty provides,the shipping was fast and on the same day I ordered,even though it was past 4:00 in the evening. Great service,keep it up and thanks.
Date: 2014-09-29

yasmeen:it was amaizing but the gift i got is useless i have an i phone 5 and they give me s3 cover which i dont really need :)
Date: 2014-09-15

Jackie-lyne rom:That was awesome,. I ordered late at night but they used to delivered it the day after i placed my order,. And surely the quality of the product were very nice,. Thankyou cavaraty untill our next transaction:))
Date: 2014-08-26

Date: 2014-08-24

Marvin DelosSantos:Good experience, a quick and easy transaction.
Date: 2014-08-13

Anwar al attar:Hello, I would just like to thank you for the great service!!, keep it up. Thank you again, Best regards,
Date: 2014-08-04

Hadi Al-Barghothi:Thanks for your commitment, your service is really great; you're accurate, fast & so polite. I wish you have more products on the website. Thanks a lot guys! Keep going :)
Date: 2014-08-04

Aous Salloum:Thank you very much for the nice shopping experience , really appreciated , everything was so smooth from making the order till getting the items the service is quick and the staff is so kind Many thanks .
Date: 2014-07-30

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