موماكس إيكو 360 معطر للسيارة بالطاقة الشمسية (فضي)

12.500  د.ك 12.5 KWD 12.500  د.ك


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12.500  د.ك

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    The operation of solar energy is environmentally friendly and practical. It is simple and safe to use, and the beech wood is dripped with exclusive aromatherapy oil to actively emit fragrance for the car.


    • Add a fragrant atmosphere to your car

    • No button required, it will start when light comes on | Solar design, it will automatically run the fragrance without charging

    • Aromatherapy oil that matches your personality | Three preset aromatherapy oil refills (Cologne, Ocean and Floral)

    • Easy installation, continuous fragrance | The base is firm, and the aroma oil can be dripped on the beech when the top is lifted

    • Quiet Design | Turbo quiet operation, creating a comfortable driving experience

    • Heat-resistant and safe | Continuous and safe operation under sunlight, not afraid of shell bursting or damage

    Inside the Box

    • Includes Eco360 Solar Car Diffuser

    • contains beech wood

    • Contains three bottles of aromatherapy oils (10ml each) (Cologne, Ocean, Floral)

    • Includes manual and warranty


    • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 36mm

    • Weight: 150g

    • Color: Silver

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