موفت أكس ستاند 10.5 أنش للاجهزة اللوحية (رمادي)

9.000  د.ك 9.0 KWD 9.000  د.ك


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9.000  د.ك

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    MOFT X makes every device vertical-friendly to make sure all the contents were delivered to you in the right way. With the still ultra-slim body, it still follows the exact same minimalistic philosophy of MOFT Stand - invisible yet super practical.

    • THE MOST ADJUSTABLE TABLET STAND Tablets are only one-step away from being a 2nd screen for laptops --- a right angle. Nobody wants to look back and forth for different tasks. MOFT X tablet stand offers up to 6 angles that nobody can refuse to work with. Browsing, sketching, reading... We save the possibilities to you to find out, all you need to know is, they work.

    • THREE...NO, INFINITE ANGLES Whether in portrait mode or landscape mode, you would always get three angles to get the perfect viewing experience. With the help of different device position, number is cheap, content is gold.

    • JUST LIKE YOUR TABLET SLIM YET POWERFUL To make sure it holds all kinds of tablets with ease, we also conducted several tests on the durability of our tablet stand. Use it all you can, it won’t break, literall.

    • STORE FOR 1, CHARGE FOR 2 APPLE PENCIL HOLDER Clip to charge, easy to store, and full protection from head to toe.
    • UNIQUE MATERIAL Constructed with special material, the MOFT is strong and stable enough for a strong, firm, long-lasting hold, despite its ultra-slim size.It won't leave a sticky residue if you choose to remove.
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