Cygnett CARPOWER 30W USB-C Laptop Car Charger (Silver)

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8.000  د.ك

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    Power-up phones, tablets & laptops

    This compact 30W USB-C PD car charger is your go to for charging any of your devices on the go. For the daily commute or getaways, this charger powers up your phones and tablet with optimal charging speeds. For those working on the road, enjoy a safe power source for your laptop on-the-go.

    Charge light indicator

    The CarPower Car Charger features a charge light indicator to let you know when your device is fully charged, so you can ensure you won’t overcharge your device and conserve your phone battery life.

    Aluminum Alloy Finish

    Made with strong aluminum alloy finish, the Car Power Car Charger provides durability and protection against scratches and other forms of wear and tear. With practicality and aesthetics in mind, the sleek and stylish design will add a touch of sophistication to your car’s interior.

    Key Features

    30W safe in-car charging for laptops

    Optimal charging for phones & tablets

    Safe and reliable charging

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