ESR Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Air Shield Boost Case (Clear)

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7.000  د.ك

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    -Designed for powerful, long-lasting stability, the kickstand is constructed using premium aluminum alloy and the hinge is lab tested to retain its strength for well over 3,000 uses. Give your Galaxy S24 Ultra the support it deserves.

    -Ultra-protective Air-Guard corners cushion the most vulnerable parts of your phone against even the worst drops and bumps. Get peace of mind when using your phone, day in, day out.


    -Fully Adjustable Kickstand - Watch videos or FaceTime at any angle between 30°and 60°.

    -Stable and Durable - Retains over 80% hinge strength after 3,000+ uses, based on lab testing.

    -Military-Grade Protection - Air-Guard corners, acrylic back, and Camera Guard combine for test-certified drop protection.

    -Raised-Edge Protection - Raised Screen Edges and Camera Guard prevent scratches to keep your display and photos flawless.

    -Compatible with wireless charging for Galaxy S24 Ultra (2024) only.

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