OtterBox Alpha Flex Anti-Microbial for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (Clear)

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4.000  د.ك

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    Ultra-strong phone screen protector preserves your display’s sensitive touch response and vivid clarity. Alpha Flex installs easily and conforms to the shape of your screen. And, Alpha Flex glass is infused with silver ions that protect the surface of your phone screen against unwanted microbes.

    -Antimicrobial technology protects the surface of the device 24/7/365*

    -Maintains flawless touch response

    -Ultra-strong, glass-like material doesn’t crack, shatter or chip

    -Easy to install with included tools

    -Crystal coating resists fingerprints and delivers added strength

    -Conforms to display shape for a precision fit

    -Preserves the natural vibrancy and clarity of the display

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