Anker 535 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 500W/512Wh)

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    Long-Lasting Portable Power Station 

    With a 10-Year Lifespan: With our proprietary long-lasting technology InfiniPower™, combined with LiFePO4 batteries, ultra-durable electronic components, a smart temperature control system that monitors temperature up to 100 times per second, and impact-resistant structural design, Anker  535 PowerHouse is built to last over a decade, even with everyday use.

    7 Ports for All

    The power station has all the ports you need to charge your devices and appliances. It is equipped with 2 AC ports, 3 USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a car outlet. -

    All-Round Capacity

    With a 512Wh capacity, the power station is an all-round solution to charge all your necessities. Seamlessly power a heater, portable fridge, lamp, and TV

    Quick Recharge under 2.5h

    Recharge via an in-box adapter and a USB-C port with a total output of 180W from 0% to 80% under 2.5h

    High-Speed Charging

    Power your laptop at high speed thanks to the built-in 60W USB-C Power Delivery.

    Safety First

    Equipped with premium materials and an upgraded Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures complete protection for you and your devices.

    Make the Most Of Your PowerHouse

    Switching on power-saving mode enables the power station to turn off right away when your devices are fully charged. Switching off power-saving mode will enable stable charging for prolonged use scenarios.

    Keep An Eye On Your Power

    The smart LED display lets you easily track the power station's vital information such as remaining capacity, current input and output, and the time left to fully recharge the battery.

    Illuminate The Way

    A built-in lighting bar shines through the dark in the event of emergencies or blackouts.

    Powerfully Quiet

    The power station operates at whisper-quiet levels at all times thanks to an internal chip and intelligent AI algorithm, so you barely know it's on.

    Works for Small-to-Medium Devices

    Please note that the power station only supports devices and appliances with a rating less than 500W.

    5-Year Full-Device Warranty: 

    Instead of the average 2 years, Anker  535 Portable Power Station is designed to reliably power your devices every day for 10 years. Additionally, it offers a superior 5-year full-device warranty for a guaranteed, worry-free experience.


    • Battery Pack Rated Capacity: 16V/32000mAh 512Wh

    • Charging Temperature: 32°F-104°F / 0°C-40°C

    • Discharging Temperature: -4°F-104°F / -20°C-40°C

    • AC Surge Power: 750W

    • Efficiency, Input, and Output

    • DC Input/DC: 11-28V⎓ 10A (120W Max)

    • USB-C Input/USB-C: 5V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/20V⎓3A (60W Max)

    • USB-C Output/USB-C: 5V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/20V⎓3A (60W Max)

    • AC Output/AC: 220V-240V~, 2.27A, 50Hz, 500W

    • USB-A Output/USB-A: 5V⎓7.2A (2.4A Max Per Port)

    • Car Charger Output: 12V⎓10A

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