Anker 620 MagGo Phone Grip (Black)

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7.500  د.ك

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    Anker 620 MagGo Phone Grip Magnetic Hold

    -Endless Possibilities

    -Superior Strength

    -Maximum Security Whether you're working out, cooking, or just going about your daily routine, Anker 620 MagGo Phone Grip will provide the ultimate hold, preventing any slips or accidents.

    -Dual-Sided Attraction Featuring powerful magnets on both sides, the phone grip provides a stable and secure hold for your device, ensuring that it stays in place no matter how you're using it.

    -Versatile Grip and Stand Combo Why settle for a plain old grip or a flimsy stand when you can have both in one stylish and practical package?

    -Sweat-Resistant and Secure for Active Lifestyles

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