Fifty Fifty Paracord Handle for Bottles OUTDOOR (Green)

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About the product:
  • The FiftyFifty Paracord Handles are perfect for getting a grip on your favorite FiftyFifty Bottle.
  • The paracord is adjustable along the inner bungee allowing you to adjust the grip and tightness to ensure a firm fit.
  • Hand Wash Only

Compatible With:
FiftyFifty 12oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 16oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 18oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 20oz Bottle, FiftyFifty 25oz Bottle, SevenFifty 750mL Wine Growler, FiftyFifty 34oz Bottle& FiftyFifty 40oz Bottle

Technical Specs:

Length: 4.0 in

Height: 9.63 in

Weight: 0.12 lbs

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