Fifty Fifty wide Mouth Flip Top Lid (Yellow)

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3.000  د.ك

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    The FiftyFifty Flip Lid is made for coffee and tea lovers as it helps reduce the flow of liquid making it perfect for drinking hot beverages. It easily flips open when ready to enjoy your favorite beverage and securely closes until the next. The inner silicone ring is made to securely fit to the top of the bottle keeping your beverage at its optimal temperature and is removable for proper cleaning. 

    Compatible With:

    FiftyFifty 354 ML Bottle, FiftyFifty 470 ML Bottle, FiftyFifty 540 ML Bottle, FiftyFifty 591 ML Bottle, FiftyFifty 1 ML Bottle & FiftyFifty 1.2 ML Bottle

    -Removable Silicone Ring

    -Hand Wash Only

    -Wide-Mouth Design

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