Casetify Magsafe Snappy Cardholder Stand (Swirl)

12.500  د.ك 12.5 KWD 12.500  د.ك

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12.500  د.ك

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    Snap, Store or Stand

    -Keep your cards close in Snappy™ Cardholder Stand MagSafe Compatible,

    -The slim and compact wallet but also doubles as a stand for your phone, simply stand it up firmly in place vertically or horizontally for a perfect viewing angle.

    Easy One-handed Access

    -Designed to be practical, you can easily get access to your card with just one hand without having to snap off your Cardholder Stand.

    -Secure storage of one card

    -Doubles as a kickstand

    -Slim and sleek

    -Quick card access

    -MagSafe Compatible

    -Partially made from recycled materials

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