PHILIPS EasyKey 6000 Series Smart Lever Door Lock

195.000  د.ك 195.0 KWD 195.000  د.ك


Product ID: 124830

195.000  د.ك

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    -Supports Up to 100 Cards
    -TUYA app
    -Type C charging for emergency
    -Intuitive fingerprint unlock
    -Mute by "0" button
    -Safehandle function


    - 2 Emergency keys

    - 2 Cards

    - 20 Passwords

    - 100 Fingerprints

    Installation Fees:

    - Wood Door: 15 KD

    - Aluminum Door: 15 KD

    - Pivot Door: N/A

    - Steel Door: 20 KD

    -3 Year Warranty, can not be extended.

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