GameSir F3 Plus Conductive AirFlash Grip

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    Mobile Gaming Controller GameSir F3 Plus Pocket Gampad is no need to connect Bluetooth or any apps. Plug and play, which reach aiming and shooting flexible operation, bring you great game experience.

    Mobile Gaming Controller GameSir F3 Plus support the thickness less than 0.47 in. and width 2.64-3.42 in. Android 4.4 or later/ iOS 7.0 or later mobile phone. Allowing you to play native official games with full physical controller with hassle-free.

    Please Note

    1. Remove the phone case before using the device.

    2. The bottom electrode swing arms need to be placed at an angle of 45 degrees.

    3. Your finger needs to be 0.79 inches or more away from the electrode, otherwise it may cause the electrode to fail.


    Mobile Gaming Controller GameSir F3 Plus support Android / iOS native official games with full physical control. You will not be matched to simulator gamers, you can fight with mobile gamers and dominate the games at your fingertips. No Bluetooth required, 100% instant capacitance projection. Easy to install and use.

    Micro Switches Design

    The L / R trigger buttons are micro switches that enable up to 5 million keystroke lifespan, small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity and short action travel. Press and hold the right trigger button for 40 times shooting combo.

    Separated Left and Right Handhled

    GameSir F3 Plus Mobile Controller's bottom electrode swing arms are rotatable and don't obstruct the view in games at all. Left and right separated handles can be used independently. The left trigger button is for opening the scope, while the right trigger button is for shooting.

    Conductive AirFlash Grip

    This Pocket Gampad project the capacitance signal without the need of medium, it triggers the capacitance signal through the discharge directly and penetrate up to four-layer tempered glass on the screen. The active capacitance discharges to trigger virtual buttons in games with extremely fast response and no delay.

    Low Power Consumption

    Mobile Gaming Controller GameSir F3 Plus is low power consumption with battery life up to 20 hours. Able to use while charging, which made your game-playing continously. If you do not play games, GameSir F3 Plus Gampad will not cost too much power.

    No need to turn on / off, press any trigger button to wake it up and it will be in deep standby mode when not in use.

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