Fitbit Luxe Fitness And Wellness Tracker (Latinum/Orchid)

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    If you need a more stylish option to monitor your fitness goals and wellness, then the Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker might be the answer.

    Unlike many watch-style fitness trackers, the Luxe sports a slim, bracelet form factor that looks more like a piece of jewelry than a gadget.

    Don't let its looks deceive you, because the Luxe offers powerful tracking abilities with integrated 24/7 heart rate and PulseOx SpO2 blood oxygen sensors, a swimming mode, all-day fitness tracking, and 20 exercise modes.

    In addition to real-time workout stats and how that affects your heart, the Fitbit Luxe also gives you a wide variety of options to monitor your general wellness.

    You can get a daily stress management and sleep score, along with on-wrist guided breathing sessions and tips on improving your rest.

    You can also track your menstrual health and view a Health Metrics Dashboard for a general overview.

    All of this and more is viewable throughout the week, thanks to up to 5 days of battery life and the Luxe's easy-to-read, color, AMOLED display.

    Active Zone

    Using the Luxe's 24/7 heart rate monitor, Active Zone can tell you how hard your heart is working throughout your day.

    Sleep Score

    Getting a good night of rest is important to providing you with the energy you'll need during your day. The Fitbit Luxe monitors you throughout the night and will provide you with an overall sleep score that you can track over time. The sleep monitoring also lets you know how long you spent in various stages of sleep, such as REM, deep sleep, light sleep, and how long you were awake. In addition to sleep length and quality, the Luxe will track your breathing as you sleep, showing you the data in the Health Metrics Dashboard.

    Health Metrics Dashboard

    See trends in your wellness and multiple data points at a glance, such as your breathing rate, resting heart rate, and HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

    Phone GPS

    Pairing the Luxe with your smartphone lets it utilize its GPS to provide real-time pace and distance during jogs, hikes, and bike rides.

    6-Month Trial of Fitbit Premium

    Included with the Fitbit Luxe is a 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium, a service that gives you additional health insights, breaks down stress and sleep scores, and more.

    Additional Features

    Call and text notifications
    Do Not Disturb turns off the display and silences notifications
    Track Mindful Minutes to boost your stress management score
    Timer and stopwatch
    Alarm with silent vibration
    Google Fast Pair for Android smartphone owners

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