FlyGrip Edition One -Pro

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5.500  د.ك

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    Product Description:

    1. Comfort: Once you slide your fingers into a Flygrip, you will have that AHA moment. It just feels right. Proper way to hold your Flygrip is your middle and ring finger though the grip. Do not put your entire finger through, just your fingertips poke through, and curl your fingers so your hand and thumb are comfortably and naturally in front of the screen. This will give you the most comfort and thumb reach.

    2. Productivity: You will find that you can do more real world multitasking.

    3. Security: You will not drop your phone when using a Flygrip

    4. Kickstand: Works in both Landscape and Portrait

    5. Works with All phones, and most cases.

    6. Comes in sizes to give you the best fit and comfort. Anything you wear comes in sizes. Shirts, pants, shoes...and Flygrip. Without the right fit, you will not have the right performance and comfort.

    Enables one-handed smartphone usage.

    Attaches directly to smartphone or case.

    When not in use, takes up ¼" on phone or case.

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