Rode Vlogger Kit USB-C Edition Filmmaking Kit for Mobile Devices with USB Type-C Ports

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    Expand your online impact by shooting your vlogs, livestreams, YouTube videos, and social media posts with the Rode Vlogger Kit USB-C Edition, a complete package designed specifically for hassle-free, high-quality audio and video recording to a smartphone with a USB Type-C port.

    This bundle features the Rode VideoMic Me-C ultracompact condenser microphone, an on-camera light with a diffuser and eight colored filters, a tripod, a phone holder, and the required accessories to make it all work. Equipped with the Vlogger Kit USB-C Edition, your smartphone can transform into a portable and convenient production system that provides markedly improved caliber of sound and picture.

    Since the VideoMic Me-C runs on power from your mobile device and has no controls or switches, it serves as a simple and reliable microphone that's ideal for filmmakers who can't be slowed down by intricate configuration. Plus, it comes with a shock-absorbing rubber clip, which effectively reduces vibration and handling noise. Shooting outdoors? Slip the supplied furry windshield over the mic to tame wind noise and achieve cleaner audio recordings.

    What You Get

    The Vlogger Kit USB-C Edition comes with everything you need (and more) to easily start recording quality video and audio with your smartphone, so you can shoot your next vlog, Instagram story, Facebook Live session, YouTube special, or behind-the-scenes footage looking and sounding better than ever.

    VideoMic Me-C ultracompact condenser microphone

    Shock-absorbing rubber clip

    WS9 furry windshield to drastically reduce wind noise

    SmartGrip phone holder and compact tripod stand

    MicroLED on-camera light with clip-on diffuser and eight colored filters

    USB Type-C cable for recharging the MicroLED on-camera light

    Microphone Features

    Durable and Small

    At under 2.9" long and 1 ounce light, the VideoMic Me-C is an unobtrusive companion for your smartphone and its durable aluminum body aids in RF rejection.

    Condenser Mic with Directional Sound Pickup

    Whereas most built-in smartphone microphones pick up sound from all directions, this microphone utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to focus on sound in front of it while attenuating sound entering from the rear. Its directional condenser element delivers more detailed audio than the mics typically found in mobile devices.

    Easy Connection to Smartphone

    Since the VideoMic Me-C is outfitted with a USB Type-C connector, it can plug directly into the USB Type-C port of your smartphone, no cable or adapter required. A rubber clip is included to ensure stable and secure attachment to your mobile device.

    Powered by Your Mobile Device

    The VideoMic Me-C runs on power from your mobile device, so no batteries are required to operate it. Just connect the microphone to your smartphone and forget about swapping or charging batteries.

    Headphone Port

    With the VideoMic Me-C, there's no guessing whether your audio sounds good. Its 3.5mm output lets you plug in headphones for convenient real-time monitoring while the mic remains connected to your mobile device. It also allows you to listen to playback of your recorded content.

    24-Bit Digital Resolution

    The integrated analog-to-digital converter operates at up to 24-bit / 48 kHz for industry-standard signal quality and compatibility with most audio and video recording apps.

    Furry Windshield Minimizes Wind Noise

    The VideoMic Me-C includes a furry windshield to minimize unwanted wind noise from breezes, fans, heaters, and air conditioners.

    SmartGrip Features

    Smartphone Mounting

    The SmartGrip is a high-quality solution for mounting a smartphone on a tripod. It features rugged metal construction with rubberized grips and is suitable for mounting phones from 2.6 to 3.4" in width.

    Extra Mounting Points

    The SmartGrip features a cold shoe mount for easy attachment of Rode VideoMics and other accessories. Three 1/4" thread attachment points allow for easy mounting on tripods and grips in a range of orientations.

    Tripod 2 Features

    Supports a Variety of Devices

    The Tripod 2 is a sturdy three-position tripod for mounting cameras, microphones, and other accessories.

    Closed or Open Positions

    In the closed position, the Tripod 2 is perfect for handheld use. The tripod legs can also be opened out to a mid or wide setting for optimal positioning and stability.

    1/4" Thread

    The Tripod 2 has a 1/4" thread for attaching cameras and camera accessories.

    MicroLED Features

    Compact and Rechargeable

    The MicroLED is a compact rechargeable on-camera light. It is ideal for vlogging, newsgathering, mobile filmmaking, and documentary production.

    Adjustable Brightness

    The MicroLED features four adjustable brightness settings, and a clip-on diffuser with eight colored filters.

    Over Four Hours of Run Time

    Power is supplied via the USB Type-C charging port, which both charges the internal battery and can also operate the light. Run time is over four hours at low brightness.

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