Moft Phone Lanyard (White)

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6.250  د.ك

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    One plus one is infinite productivity

    The phone lanyard simply consists of a holder and two straps, yet thoughtfully designed to be powerful for you to instantly mount and release it, switch among various carry styles and stretch or shorten freely.


    Hands-free function makes your daily activities easier and more flexible. It takes a few seconds to attach, switch, and adjust through no-brainer steps, boosting your efficiency especially on busy days.


    The lanyard is easily attachable and detachable. You’re only a 90° twist away to detach the straps to unwind and recharge from your days.


    More secure than in your hands, to keep your phone securely tethered to you, you simply need to twist the end of the strap 90° to mount it on the locking metal holder. The patented design gives you peace of mind that your phone is secure until you detach it.

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