Pipetto Origami No.2 Shield Case for iPad 10.2" (Black)

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18.750  د.ك

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    The Origami 5-in-1 folding style is the feature you won't want to live without.

    -2 positions for typing and viewing (same as Apple's Smart cover);

    -2 additional folding positions that create a stable wide base (perfect for watching Netflix in bed or on soft/unstable surfaces);

    -1 further portrait position (perfect for FaceTime and video calls). 

    -Origami Shield is Certified Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G)

    -The back is made from a shock absorbent TPU and clear PET window

    -100% Certified Antibacterial to help protect you.

    - It also has a wipe-clean finish and auto sleep-wake functionality to extend your battery life, giving you up to 20% longer use between charges.

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