Pipetto Hardshell Dots Case for MacBook Air 13.6" (M2, 2022 / M3, 2024) - Frosted Clear

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14.000  د.ك

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    The Hard-shell Dots Case is a slimline polycarbonate shell designed to clip on to your MacBook for all round slim protection from knocks, bumps and scratches.

    The external textured dots pattern feels great to touch, adds grip and also makes the shell both fingerprint and scratch resistant.

    -100% PREMIUM POLYCARBONATE - Made with 100% premium PC, so it won't become brittle, discolor or loosen.

    -SCRATCH PROTECTION - Protects your device from day-to-day scrapes and knocks without adding bulk to your device.

    -ULTRA LITE - Slim, lightweight and designed to slip easily into your bag or briefcase.

    -HEAT DISSIPATION AIR VENTS - Designed to aid cooling and prevent your MacBook from overheating.

    -FINGERPRINT AND SCRATCH RESISTANT TEXTURE - For extra grip and to keep your case looking newer, longer.

    -MacBook Air 13.6"

    -(M2, 2022 / M3, 2024)

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