Powerology 3in1 Power Station 8000mah With Built-In Cable (Black)

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42.000  د.ك

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    Powerology 3 in 1 Power Station 8,000mAh with Built-In Cable - Black

    Compatible with all Apple devices and all Samsung and Android devices that has Micro and Type-C charging ports.

    This charging dock can charge 3 batteries at once, in addition to 3 USB ports that make it ideal for all the family members, guests, staff and more.

    Never wait for a portable battery to be charged, you will always have one ready.

    Perfect for Diwaniya, Camping, Home, Office, Restaurant, Cafes and more.

    Features and Specifications:

    - Brand: Powerology

    - Capacity: 8000mAh each battery

    - Number of Charging Ports: 6

    - Number of Batteries: 3

    - Compatible Devices: Mobile Phones

    - Station dimension: 10.8*10.8*5.6 cm

    - Weight: 520g

    -Optimize the lifespan of your battery product with these best practices:

    -Mindful Charging: Avoid keeping the station always on charge. Once the battery reaches full capacity, it's recommended to turn off the power, especially if the product won't be in use for 2-3 days or a week.

    -Intermittent Charging: Continuous charging without removing the plug can lead to damage, to ensure longevity, practice periodic charging and avoid leaving the device in a permanently plugged-in state. 

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