Momax Elite Cleanse IoT UV-C Vacuum Robot (Black)

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  • 360° laser navigation, UV-C lamps and wet mop configurations bring you an excellent home cleaning experience. Through the control of MOMAX Smart App, users can define the area and choose the cleaning mode that suits them.

  • Accurate cleaning performance, humanized control, to meet the needs of users in different occasions

  • MOMAX Smart APP Control | Control the device and obtain the latest map scanning information

  • High-precision laser navigation technology | 360° accurate scanning of room maps, combined with SLAM AI technology, planning room maps and cleaning routes

  • Wet mopping and vacuuming | Adapt to a variety of floor surfaces and control wet mopping water flow

  • UV-C Sterilization | The UV-C light on the bottom of the machine can target bacteria on the floor for disinfection

  • Multiple cleaning modes | automatic/fixed-point/partial/custom area cleaning and scheduled cleaning

  • Clean restricted areas | APP can set one or more restricted areas, the host will not enter the area to clean

  • Consumables monitoring | The remaining service life of each consumable can be displayed in the APP for reference

  • Silent mode | Robot vacuum cleaner will not beep

  • Search function and remote control | You can easily search and control the robot vacuum cleaner at home


Contains Elite Cleanse smart UV robot vacuum cleaner

  • Includes charging base

  • 2 in 1 water tank

  • 4 side brushes

  • Roller brush 1

  • HEPA and sponge filter 1 set

  • 2 pieces of mop

  • 1 cleaning brush

  • Including instruction manual and warranty card

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