Tech21 iPhone 15 Pro Cover EvoCrystal Kick w/MagSafe (Obsidian Black)

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16.750  د.ك

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    -Impact Protection - 16ft Impact Protection, thanks to our lab-tested materials and design innovations, protects your device drop after drop for the lifetime of your device.

    -FlexShock™ - Our industry-leading material technology which absorbs impact like no other. It takes the heat produced by the force from impact and reforms your case structure, drop after drop.

    -Waste Responsible Innovation - With our innovative bio-spice formula, over 60% of this case breaks down into the earth once you’re finished with it, leaving no trace of microplastics.

    -Integrated Kickstand - Seamlessly built-into the case, the kickstand gives you stable and secure viewing in both landscape and portrait for multifunctionality that suits you, whenever you need it.

    -MagSafe© Compatible - Embedded with a magnetic ring, this case is compatible with all your MagSafe© accessories, from battery chargers to car holders.

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